alfonso carrara at galerie kornfeld – berlin, 2019.


Alfonso Carrara drawings currently on view at the Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, in the group exhibition Chicago Grid curated by Jan Tichy.

While spending summers in and around Siena Italy from 1990 to 2005, Alfonso would remove pages from any number of paperback books, read or not. He would give attention to the text, whether written in English, French, or Italian. He responded with a drawing on the page, and on occasion, he felt the urge to draw on both sides. As always, he stored each drawing in a cardboard box or gave them as signed gifts. He continued to archive every line drawing to his death in 2010. There are five 9×12 cardboard boxes containing these artistic expressions.

He was my muse.

Gillion Carrara


al_installed_galerie-korfeld_berlin_2019 copy


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