Professional Experience – A Selection

  • 2011Co-Curator; Art Institute of Chicago, Material Connections
  • 2011Curator; Evanston Art Center, Dimensional Lines: Art + Dress
  • 2006 to 2008Extreme Bodies; Managing a Costume Collection
  • 2000 to presentDefining Contemporary Dress; History, Literature + Exhibition.
  • 1999 to presentSAIC Adjunct Professor
  • 1991 to presentThe Shape of Fashion in the 20th + 21st Centuries
  • 1989 to presentMetalsmith
  • 1987 to presentDirector SAIC* Fashion Resource Center

Lectures – A Selection

  • 2011The Arts Club of Chicago; Rare Birds: Paul Poiret + Serge Diaghilev
  • 2011Art Institute of Chicago Affiliates, North Shore; Chanel + The Art World
  • 2010Highland Park Arts Center; Maximum Exposure; Man Ray + Fashion
  • 2010Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art institute of Chicago; Soundsuits – Nick Cave in Dance
  • 2010Costume Colloquium II, Florence Italy: Dress for Dance; Soundsuits – Nick Cave in Dance
  • 2009The Arts Club of Chicago; Maximum Exposure: Man Ray in Fashion
  • 2008Alliance Francaise; Chicago Yves St Laurent
  • 2008Costume Colloquium Florence Italy; Scattered Remnants in the Present
  • 2007The Art Institute of Chicago Man Ray; Maximum Exposure
  • 2006The Art Institute of Chicago Fashion Passes, Style Remains; Chanel
  • 2006The Arts Club of Chicago Material Tracings; Vionnet + James
  • 2006Costume Society of America Annual Symposium Fiercely Independent; Clothes Closets in an Art School
  • 2006The Arts Club of Chicago Shocking is Always in Style; Elsa Schiaparelli
  • 2006Illinois Institute of Technology A New Beauty + Functionality: American Fashion Designers
  • 2004The Arts Club of Chicago Americans Ascending
  • 2004Museum of Contemporary Art Lecture Series Seamless
  • 2001Costume Society of America Region III + IV Annual Symposium Steele Will: Lawrence Steele Under Surveillance
  • 1999Field Museum The Glory of Couture


  • 2011Dimensional Lines– Art + Dress; Evanston Art Center- Exhibition Publication
  • 2009Fashion Theory Four Lines; Cave, Gabier, Loh + Schnabl, Chicago Cultural Center review
  • 2007Society for Contemporary CraftExhibition Publication – Beneath the Surfaces-Nick Cave
  • 2004Italian DesignersFashion Encyclopedia Charles Scribner’s Sons
  • 2004In Praise of VanityMuseum of Contemporary Art, Chicago – Exhibition Publication – Skin Tight
  • 2002Dress magazine – review – Reconstructing Italian Fashion
  • 2000Dress magazine – review – Versace New York + Versace Como
  • 1996Dress magazine – review – Dior
  • 1995Dress magazine – review – Infra-Apparel
  • 1990Contemporary Designers St. James Press, Prada and Cinzia Ruggeri
  • 1984Contemporary Designers St. James Press, Albini, Biagiotti, Fendi, Missoni, Valentino

SAIC* Activities

  • Travel co-coordinator and instructor:
    • 2002Belgium + Holland
    • 1999Paris, London + Milan
    • 1990Italy
    • 1986England
    • 1985Italy
    • 1984Japan
    • 1980Italy
  • 1999 to 1981Student Intership liason. Prenatal, Raggazeria + Intimo Tre, clothing companies Milan, Italy
  • 1997, 1996Founding member – Part Time Faculty Advisory Committee
  • 1987Beijing Academy of Arts – Accessory Design


  • 1965 to 1969Apprentice – Elvira Del Rosso Textiles, Milan Italy
  • 1965 to 1966Academia di Belle Arti, Florence Italy
  • 1963 to 1965Moore College of Art, Philadelphia Pennsylvania


  • 1997 to 2001Costume Society of America Region III + IV Treasurer
  • 1985 to presentCostume Society of America

* School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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